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Charlie’s Cylinder Head Repair

National Watts: 1-800-522-7121

We Repair Any Type Cracked Cylinder, Head & Block

All Work Guaranteed!

“Cylinder Head And Block Repair Specialist Since 1964” Services Available Include...

Complete Valve Jobs

Complete Rebuild

Crack Detection

Crack Repair

General Welding

Aluminum Welding

Cast Iron Welding

TIG Welding

MIG Welding

Magnetic Particle Inspection

Pressure Testing

Bronze Valve Guides Installed

Broken Bolt Removal

Thread Repair

Spark Plug Thread Repair

Spark Plug Inserts

Cylinder Head Cleaning

Cylinder Head Resurfacing

Cylinder Head Straightening

Disc Type Valve Lash Adjustments

High Performance Valve Jobs

Machine for Larger Valves

Machine for Larger Valve Springs

Machine for Screw-in Studs

Machine for Guide Plates

Valve Spring Pressures Balanced

Valve Spring Installed Height Set

Dial-Indicated Valve Jobs

Three Angle Valve Jobs

Multi Angle Valve Jobs

Camshaft Polishing

Small Parts Cleaning

Glass Bead Blasting

Exhaust Manifold Resurfacing

Intake Manifold Resurfacing

Bare Cylinder Head Repairs